What to Get Dad for Father’s Day

Surveys show that fathers don’t read to their kids as much as moms do. (The survey linked to was conducted in the U.S., but I imagine the data holds for many other countries as well.)

But over at the blog “Be a Good Dad,” the unnamed blogger finds lots of reasons fathers should read to their sons and daughters. And the UK-based Love2Read site also says that research shows that children’s literacy levels increase when dads are involved in the reading.

So! What better Dad’s Day gift (June 21 in Egypt and the Levant; June 20 elsewhere) than a book about dads and kids that father and child can read together? I have two suggestions:

أنا وبابا

From Kalimat: Ana wa Baba. Father and son play together, and turn into animals together. You can see a gorgeous image from inside the book of the father and son being monkeys together. Should be available at various bookstores.

سوبر بابا

From Abu al Hol: Super Baba. Diwan reports that this one is in stock; it can also be ordered online.

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