Test-drive 28 Arabic Books: Free

If you haven’t yet stopped by the International Children’s Digital Library, well, you must! Hundreds of books have been posted (free) to this online library. Some are award-winning. Many are fun.

Twenty-eight are in Arabic.

Among the twenty-eight, my sons’ favorites are the Bakkar series, and most particularly Bakkar at the Zoo. (I went through a number of hoops to print these out so they could enjoy them on paper as well.)

Of course, there are downsides to online books (it’s not the ideal medium for bedtime; they can take a long time to load). But did I mention that they’re free?

Unless you are a billionaire (I’m not), it’s not possible to keep up with a young child’s desire for new books. Hence why we need strong public libraries around the Arabic-reading world. But, until then, at least there are efforts like the International Children’s Digital Library. Elhamdulallah.

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2 Responses to Test-drive 28 Arabic Books: Free

  1. umahmeds says:

    assalamualaikum. jazakillaahu khayr for sharing. can u pls share how did you print those books? i tried but the pages are not readable (small prints and blur)

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