Page One: اسمك هنا… يرسم الدنيا

So far…so easy.

Page one was more or less just a copying exercise (like school, unfortunately), except that my six-and-three-quarters-year-old swapped out Nimnim’s name for his own.

I suggested he could change the wording if he liked…but he decided that the text was “correct” as is.

Fortunately, he says that tomorrow he’ll be veering off on his own, as tomorrow he has to start choosing the objects that make up his idealized world.

If no legos make their way into this book, I will eat my hat.

After this, no more posting pages from نمنم يرسم الدينية. I don’t want to violate copyright, of course.

Also, no, my elder son doesn’t really wear a top hat wherever he goes.

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