Arabic Dictionaries for Kids

Is Qamoussi the first Arabic-Arabic illustrated children’s dictionary?

Kalimat doesn’t make that claim, so perhaps not, but at any rate it’s the first I’ve seen. We own an illustrated Arabic-English “my first hundred words” book from Sherouk, and I’ve seen the Arabic-English children’s dictionary from Oxford, but this is the first intra-lingual Arabic dictionary I’ve seen for kids. I am delighted. (Indeed, it makes me wish my son’s Arabic books at least had a glossary at the end….)

But the best part is that the entries aren’t root-based, but alphabetical!

This is a book for which I’m willing to save up.

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One Response to Arabic Dictionaries for Kids

  1. MALKHAYAT says:

    I will buy it inshallah as soon as I can

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