More Environmental Books in Egypt: <السلسلة <البيت الأخضر

This, too, is a Scholastic title!

Everywhere I look these days, it’s a children’s book about saving the environment!

I picked up two last night from the Dar el Shorouk series البيت الأخضر. The first one I chose— سعيد… سعيد —is an extremely simple but well-illustrated and bright book by Walid Taher, probably for the two-year-old more than the six-and-three-quarters-year-old. The second one, قط و فرخ , is a more complex tale (licensed from Scholastic) about a country cat coming to visit a city mouse.

Home-grown title

The landscapes in the second one, of course, look nothing like Cairo—but the story is nice, and the Arabic is very simple and readable. At the moment, I’m looking for titles that the six-and-three-quarters-year-old can read (himself) to the two-year-old.

I am enchanted by all these green titles, but I would like to get them some better reach. Maybe I will, after all, start hawking books on the metro.

Update: Scholastic Books in Arabic

As Bodour fairly notes after the other post, most of the Scholastic books are well-done. (A yucky LA Times article should not prejudice me overmuch against a publishing giant.)

I browsed through any number of the Scholastic titles last night at Diwan, and found the titles under the Scholastic brand to be absolutely fine. I didn’t find anything I absolutely needed to buy—we were saving our pennies for الغرفول—but the titles seemed just fine, well-constructed.

The strange thing was that the Dar el Shorouk titles under license from Scholastic were much, much, MUCH less expensive than the Scholastic titles with Scholastic branding. For instance, I got قط و فرخ for 10LE (at a Sherouk store) whereas nothing from Scholastic (admittedly at a different store: Diwan) seemed to be available for under 30LE.

I will probably suggest that our school buys all the Scholastic Arabic titles. If it’s on someone else’s dime….

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