Al Ain Cultural Heritage Project Seeks Out Children’s Songs

According to Agence France Presse, musicologists are roaming Muslim countries in search of lullabies and children’s songs, one of the first projects emerging from the Al-Ain Centre for Music in the World of Islam.

The head of the project, Syrian-born playwright Sherif Khaznadar, told AFP that “there is no such thing as Islamic music,” yet “in all Muslim communities there are music forms, some of which are used in rituals.”

The Al Ain center, launched last October, aims to preserve Arab and Islamic musical heritage.

The AFP says the center will digitize and protect these musical forms—for the benefit of future generations—but it’s unclear what else they might do to make the songs available to a wider public. Perhaps they’ll be available online?

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One Response to Al Ain Cultural Heritage Project Seeks Out Children’s Songs

  1. Bernadette says:

    If you’re looking for more info on more traditional Egyptian music (including Nubian and Sudanese), check out the Egyptian Center for Culture & Art:
    While they aren’t focused on children’s music, they do have several recordings and videos and do weekly Zar performances. Some of the recordings can be listened to online.

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