In Shatilla, Kids Work with Samandal Comic Artists to Learn the Trade

Many cheers for the artists and storytellers at Samandal who took time to work with about 25 budding storytellers, aged 15 to 20, on skills from “character-creation to ink-use, in a project aiming to promote dialogue between different groups.”

According to The Daily Star:

Comic lovers from across the Mediterranean region gathered at the Palestinian Youth Center in the Shatilla refugee camp on Thursday to celebrate the winners of Let’s Comic, a competition designed to encourage cultural exchange among young artists both professional and novice.

This particular event was not aimed just at encouraging literacy and artistry, but also at bringing young people together who might not otherwise meet. A laudable goal; I would also love to see comic or graphic-novel workshops or work-groups across the Arabic-reading region. I can’t think of a better way to encourage children to write their own stories.

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