3alam Simsim Website Now Features Several Read-aloud Stories

I don’t know when the good folks at عالم  سمسم upgraded their website; I just found the new features this morning when looking for an image.

There are five stories up in the قصص section; some are more “story”-like than others, but they all have simultaneous audio and images/text, and moments are quite charming. It would be nice if the words being spoken lit up simultaneously in the text, a la the English-reading website Starfall, but in any case it’s a very nice start.

As far as I know, these are the only free read-aloud Arabic stories online.

The website also has educational games, songs (I have long been wanting 3alam Simsim audio CDs!), coloring sheets, crafts, and more.

Please check it out and play along with your child!

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6 Responses to 3alam Simsim Website Now Features Several Read-aloud Stories

  1. Bodour says:

    Kalimat has free read aloud stories online as well ( http://www.kalimat.ae )

    3alam sim sim website is very nice although the Egyptian accent is very strong. Other nationalities might not be very familiar with the pronunciation of certain words.

    • mlynxqualey says:

      All I’ve found on the Kalimat site are the first page of a few stories, and then a message that I can buy the book? Nothing that is a full story free online—which is certainly understandable for a publisher. Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong places.

      I suppose the Egyptian accent is strong with 3alam Simsim (I don’t notice, since it’s my comfort zone), although it’s still the only site I know with full free stories and educational games in Arabic….

      • Mariam Ahmed Shafik says:

        there are some stories on mbc3.net as well

      • mlynxqualey says:

        Mariam: True. I think there are also games on Al Jazeera Kids…but the only (full) stories I know of are on 3alam simsim and the International Digital Children’s Library (and IDCL stories aren’t read-alouds). And, of course, as Bernie mentions…Al Salwa has some nursery rhymes/songs online.

  2. Bernadette says:

    Al Salwa Publishing (http://www.alsalwabooks.com/home/) has a few of their nursery rhymes and other little books as animated videos available for free on YouTube. (http://www.youtube.com/user/AlSalwaBooks#p/a/61976CC1E22374A1/1/2RE7xS5yRKM). The text is difficult to read on some of the “A Home for Arnoub” videos, but they would be good audio books. “This is the way Fish Swim” is a catchy little rhyme and easier to keep up with the text.

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