Young People’s Bestsellers at Kotob Khan Bookstore in Cairo

No. 1: الحروف والكلمات- حسن خطك – ناصف مصطفى عبد العزيز

Reader Lastroadi has pointed out to me that the best-seller reports from Kotob Khan are hardly representative of trends in the Arabic-reading world. (Surely, a representative list would show the translations of Twilight as massive YA hits.)

Still, I suppose I want best-seller lists so badly that they continue to fascinate me. And this one (representing sales from January – July, 2010) is the first assessment I’ve ever seen of best-selling books for young people.

I think the position of Salma and Layla (even though it only appeared in Cairo early this summer) shows what marketing can do: People knew about the book, (it was by someone famous, a queen), and they went out purposefully and bought it. Also, of course,  religious stories remain popular. And I don’t know anything about The Most Beautiful Stories of Animals, but I suppose I’ll have to go check it out, just because it’s at the top of the list.

Ah, how I want someone to gather best-seller data from stores all around Cairo! And then Alex, Beirut, Abu Dhabi, Damascus, Dubai, Marrakesh, Ramallah, Baghdad, Doha, and beyond…. Are you sure you don’t want to volunteer?
1.     أجمل حكايات الحيوانات – ثريا عبد البديع
2.      الحروف والكلمات- حسن خطك – ناصف مصطفى عبد العزيز
3.      قصص الحيوان فى القرءان – أحمد بهجت
4.      سلسلة دعنا نتحاور معاُ – خالد الخميسى
5.      سمكة الشمس – نبيل خلف
6.      سلمى وليلى – الملكة رانيا العبد الله
7.      مجموعة فرحانة – رانيا حسين أمين
8.      أشياء فى حياة الأنبياء – وليد هلال
9.      مدن مصرية – أمير عكاشة
10.  قصص القرءان – أحمد بهجت

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