Get Outside: It’s ‘Read a Comic in Public’ Day

According to Publishers Weekly, today is the first annual “Read a Comic in Public” Day.

Readers are urged to go outside and—well, you can guess.

PW notes that the new holiday seems to have struck a chord, with many public readings of comics and graphic novels planned. (My seven-year-old son will probably be reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid and an old ميكي in public today.)

Grown-ups might download (or buy, if you’re in Beirut) a copy of the Lebanese illustrated magazine Samandal, while for their kids, there are of course the ubiquitous ميكي comics, as well as the new and interesting 99. (Copies in Arabic can be more difficult to find—at least in Cairo—but you can download a few freebies here.) For more Arabic-language comics visit your local stationery shop/bookstore or go to

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