Dear Rawia Azzahrawi: Next, an Arabic-language Kids Magazine!

Winnipeg-based Rawia Azzahrawi, who has a Master’s in Arabic Language and Literature, is the force behind North America’s first kid-focused, Islamic-centered magazine, according to the Winnipeg Free Press.

The mother of three told the Free Press that kid-oriented materials about Islamic history and Arabic language instruction have traditionally been dry and “boring.” The Free Press article states:

Her [Azzahrawi’s] glossy, 16-page magazine Sindibad has puzzles and games, interviews with kids, features on Islamic history, nature and science and explores different cultures around the world.

The publication is now quarterly; Azzahrawi is hoping to attract more readers and eventually advertisers so it can expand to 24 pages as well as online.

And after that, an Arabic-language magazine for kids! And then: a fun Arabic-language literacy-oriented website! And then: a media empire! (All right, she can forgo the last one.)

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