Books to Help Get Kids Ready for School

Al Salwa Books has an excellent blog post today about helping your child get ready for school during two particularly anxious periods: for the first time or during a school change.

Their first suggestion—backed up by other “back to school” writers from around the world—is that parents should “Talk to your child about school and read a lot of stories about children going to school and what they do there. Stories are a great method to indirectly deal with the mixed emotions of the child.”

They have other sensible suggestions, such as visiting the school with your child and meeting the new teachers. The American Academy of Pediatricians has a few more suggestions (regular bedtime, healthy breakfast, limited TV) as do parents and teachers speaking with the Boston Globe.

Please add your own back-to-school suggestions below:

  • The Al Salwa book pictured above, أول يوم مدرسة. Penned by the excellent Taghreed Najjar and illustrated by Amal Saqr.
  • Dar El Shorouk’s ارسمى لى مدرسة should be widely available, at least in Egypt. It’s shown here at Diwan with a charming cover. Written by سمر شنودة.
  • There is apparently an Arabic version of Spot Goes to School available on Amazon.Com. I find Spot insufferable, but kids always seem to love him. Translated as بوبي  يذهب  إلى  المدرسة .
  • I can’t find a “back to school” book from Kalimat. Perhaps I’m not looking hard enough! But, if you’re expecting, they do have ماذا  في بطن ماما ؟ I need to get one of those…
  • Arabic Scholastic must have a few, too; I’ll have to go to a bookstore or two and rummage.
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