New Kuwaiti-themed Books Focus on Nutrition, Green Living

A new Kuwaiti-focused line of bilingual children’s books, called “We Love Kuwait,” has been launched by Jumana Al-Awadhi.

Al-Awadhi told Khaleejesque, in a recent interview, that when her son was born, she found a gap in children’s books: There was nothing about Kuwait, or that reflected a Kuwaiti reality. So Al-Awadhi and her husband launched the “We Love Kuwait” project.

I wasn’t able to see much about the books online—the website seems to be still under construction—but Al-Awadhi told Khaleejesque that the books use rhymes and song-like structures to promote good nutrition, healthy habits, and green living.

Al-Awadhi, who was based in the U.S. at the time of the interview, said that she and her husband will soon be returning to Kuwait, and hope to work more with children’s literacy projects upon their arrival.

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