100 Nominees for This Year’s Sheikh Zayed Book Award for Children’s Lit

At least, that’s how my math turns out. Award organizers announced that they’d received 715 total nominations, and 14 percent were for children’s literature.

Ah, I wish I could see the entire list! Even better, I wish I could have the entire list….

Winners will be announced in February of next year, and an award ceremony will be held parallel to the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair next March.

Last year’s winner, in the “children’s literature” category, was Qais Sedki, for his سوار الذهب .I have been disappointed not to find سوار الذهب in any Cairo bookstore. Nor have I found the Etisalat-winning أنا أحب—but perhaps this is the year that children’s literary prizes start getting some traction.

ISA some money and effort will go into promotion and distribution of the award-winning books, and winning books will get a snazzy label like the one given out by the Arabic Booker folks.

Region-wide prizes coming up this year for children’s lit include:

If I’m missing other awards, please tell me! I think awards are an excellent way to communicate with overwhelmed parents about which books are worth buying. ISA these awards will be heard!

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