Read It Online: حبيبة بترسم دهب

Warning: This book is in colloquial Egyptian Arabic. However, I don’t think 3ameya can harm you or your children.

My friend Bernadette Simpson, author of the popular ABC Escapade through Egypt (English), has made her first foray into writing in Arabic—with some assistance from Nadim ElKotry.

حبيبة بترسم دهب takes us through a few of the sights and scenes of Dahab, a city on Egypt’s Sinai peninsula. As far as I know,  حبيبة بترسم دهب is the first children’s book set in or about Dahab.

I think many of Cairo’s children (mine included) know little about the rest of the country. I look forward to finding more books for the boys that introduce them to various parts of the nation. (And eventually, insha’allah, they will see Dahab with their own eyes….)

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One Response to Read It Online: حبيبة بترسم دهب

  1. Karima says:

    Charming…..a really nice idea. I downloaded it and I think my daughter (10) will be thrilled to read something in 3miyya rather than fos7a !

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