Group’s Mission: ‘Establish a Library in Every Neighborhood in the Arab World’

The world of Arabic children’s literature has taken enormous leaps forward in the last decade: new publishing initiatives, new literary prizes, new literary stars and children’s-lit workshops.

One of the big leaps that has been missing: lending libraries.

This morning—via the unlikely source of the Voice of America—I found out about Professor Rana Dajani, whose bold, optimistic vision aims to fill in this enormous gap.

From the group’s website:


Establishing a library in every neighborhood in the Arab world by training individuals from the neighborhood to read out loud to the children 4-10 years old, reading material that is appropriate for their age. And organizing these storytellers in a network for sustainability.


A society that loves to read at any time and place.

Goals and Objectives:

  1. Spread awareness in parents about the importance and benefits of reading.
  2. Help the kids find the relation and love toward reading at a young age.
  3. Shift the way society in Jordan perceives reading and their investment in it.
  4. Train more groups of storytellers in different neighborhoods in different provinces in Jordan.
  5. Establish more “We Love Reading” libraries and storytelling sessions in neighborhoods across Jordan.
  6. Creating a solid and growing storytellers network.
  7. Spreading the idea and message of “We Love Reading” to reach over 10,000 individuals through TV, radio, newspaper and other media venues.
  8. Establish more collaborations and connections with organizations abroad.
  9. Build a growing collection and choices of children stories in the Arabic language.
  10. Help shape the future and minds of young children and expand their creativity and horizon.

Almost everything on the group’s website seems to be under construction, but you can see what they’re up to on Twitter and Facebook, and I will post more as I learn more.

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