Guest Post: The Best Places to Buy Children’s Books in…Jordan

From Al-Salwa Books

The best place to buy children books in Jordan by far would be Hakawati Bookstore.

It is a bookstore dedicated to children’s books and boasts a great and big selection of Arabic children’s books, displayed very nicely as well!

It also has room for both children and parents to sit down and read, and has craft making sections, and has ongoing activities to keep children interested in books. You could be certain to see us there with activities all throughout the year.

Their website will give you more information.

Readers Book Shop

Located at Cozmo Center, is also a lovely bookstore with a wide selection of Arabic & English books, also has an area for children to sit and read. They have activities for children and adults as well all throughout the year.

Unfortunately, their website is still under construction but their phone number is +009626 5828488. (Editor’s note: You can see a bit more about them here.)

The Good Book Shop

A quaint book shop as I’d like to call it, located at 1st circle – Rainbow Street. This bookstore looks great because it has a glass front so you get to see all the whole bookstore from the street. It also has a place to have coffee and tea. They have a good selection of children books, and are working on creating a better display for the Arabic children’s books in particular. Check out their website for further contact information:

Prime Bookstore

Located at Baraka Mall, its’ location is really “prime” in the sense that it’s easy to find and right near one of Amman’s best cinemas, so people get to check out the books coming and going out of the cinema. It has a good selection of children books, and are keen to expand their Arabic children’s book section.

Al Manhal Publishing

Has a wide selection of Arabic children books. There’s no area to sit or activities for children, but if you’re looking for a certain title that you can’t find they have a very wide selection. +0096265687739

Hope that helps!

Yes, thanks Al-Salwa!

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