The List from Anna Lindh’s 101 Books Exhibition: From انيس و انيسة to قمر لمى

There area number of books and publishers here—on the Anna Lindh Foundation’s 101 books list—that are new to me: for instance, the Coptic Evangelical Organisation for Social Services, which published book #23 on the list:

جداً جداً.. طبعاً طبعاً.. أبدا
أبداً…. written by أمل فرح.

Also, some familiar books (including a number from the Etisalat shortlist): titles by Rania Hussein Amin, Fatima Sharafeddine, and Walid Taher.

I am a little peeved that only the writers are listed, not the illustrators (where applicable), as illustrators certainly do their share of the work, and you cannot have a high-quality picture book without high-quality pictures. And I suppose there are a few other books I would’ve stuffed onto the list.

Still! I look forward to seeing the exhibition, and—in the meantime—why not print out a copy of this list (and the Etisalat longlist) for your child’s school library?

Download the full 101-book list (as a PDF) here.

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2 Responses to The List from Anna Lindh’s 101 Books Exhibition: From انيس و انيسة to قمر لمى

  1. ALF CLP says:

    And here you are a more detailed list including the names of the illustrators!

    Thanks for posting and the remark!


    • mlynxqualey says:

      Thank YOU for the update, and sorry to be peevish! I can’t wait until you’re here in Cairo… My children and I will be there with bells on, and we’ll try to get our friends to put bells on as well.

      What a great month for Arabic children’s lit!

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