Six Arab Authors, Groups on the List for World’s Biggest Kid-Book Award

Well! It’s nonstop award news here in the land of children’s literature. Now it’s the big Swedish-based, international award…but no, not the Nobel for children’s literature.

It’s the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (ALMA), and the award—which amounts to SEK 5 million (approximately 500,000 euros)—is awarded annually to a single recipient or to several. The ALMA longlist is quite long (175 candidates from 62 different countries) and includes authors, illustrators, oral storytellers, and “those active in reading promotion.”

An ALMA jury will select the winners from candidates nominated by institutions and organizations worldwide.

And the Arab nominees are…

Mahmoud Choucair
Author, Egypt

They say Egypt…but maybe they mean the Palestinian author Mahmoud Choucair? Is there an Egyptian children’s book author named Mahmoud Choucair?

Mohieddine El-Labbad
Illustrator, Egypt

El-Labbad is most well-known (in the children’s-lit world) for كشكول الرسام  or, in translation, The Illustrator’s Notebook.

Knowledge without Borders
Promoter of reading, project, United Arab Emirates

The Knowledge without Borders initiative was launched in November 2008 on the sidelines of 37th edition of the Sharjah International Book Fair. The initiative has a three-fold aim: to establish a library of useful books for the whole family; to spread general knowledge and awareness of the importance of reading in the development of societies; and to contribute to creating an educated generation.

Nahdet Misr
Promoter of reading, organization, Egypt

I assume it’s the publishing house, Nahdet Misr? I think of them as the Land of Mickey Comics (and Smurfs, and other cartoon translations), but they also have eight titles on the Anna Lindh list of 101.

Fatima Sharafeddine
Author, Lebanon

Sharafeddine has been on this list before, and we know she’s deserving.

Nadine Touma
Author, Lebanon

Touma is—like Sharafeddine and the eight Nahded Misr titles—featured on the Anna Lindh list, and she’s also won previous international awards. A profile on her from the BBC here.

The 2011 winner will be announced on March 29 at the birthplace of Astrid Lindgren in Vimmerby, Sweden. The announcement will be held simultaneously at the Bologna Book Fair, with a live broadcast on the award website,

Luck to all the nominees!

And, as if that weren’t enough: Four winners of children’s literature awards announced (in Qatar). According to the Gulf Times:

Mohamed Karaniya, Suhaib Mohamed Yusuf, Ahmed Mahmoud Badawi and Abdu Othman Mohamed have won the Second National Award for Children’s Literature, organised this year by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, as part of the “Doha, Capital of Arab Culture 2010”.

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2 Responses to Six Arab Authors, Groups on the List for World’s Biggest Kid-Book Award

  1. كارين نبيل نظمي says:

    انا اسمي كارين و عايزة

    • كارين نبيل نظمي says:

      انا اسمي كارين و بحب قصة ميكي اويييييييييي و بدل منعملها شهريا عيزنها ابوعيا

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