Bookstores, Publishers, and Authors in the Community: We Need You!

Last night, when Al Hayah Academy opened its new library (and a lovely library it is), I was surprised and pleased to find a corner with books and materials from Al-Balsam Bookstore.

Generally, bookstores, publishers, and children’s-book authors seem to stay safely ensconced indoors. I did see one Dar Elias stand out at the Korba Festival (two years ago?) and, really, the children couldn’t have been more delighted.

If we’re going to increase reading, and the enjoyment of Arabic children’s literature, then we need to stage more readings and book events out and about: at schools, at Al Azhar Park and other parks, at community events, at children’s birthday parties (better than those weird figures with the giant heads, right?), and wherever children gather.

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One Response to Bookstores, Publishers, and Authors in the Community: We Need You!

  1. Your idea for a book event at children’s birthday party is a great idea! Really I don’t why I have never thought of that for my own children’s parties. A book reading, some artwork based on the book etc. would make for a great party! has a monthly calendar of chilren’s literature events happening around the world. We would LOVE to include and perhaps blog about some events happening in your area, so if you hear of something, send me an email!

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