The Forefront of Arabic Literacy Education?

While poking around for background information about pioneer Arabic children’s book author Taghreed Najjar, I came across this extremely heartening education website from Magrudy’s.

I, like many other parents, have criticized the Arabic literacy education in Egyptian schools, where the focus is usually copying, copying, grammar exercises, and reading extremely dull workbook texts. But, on this blog space, I want to expend less effort on whinging and more on suggestions for how we might improve Arabic literacy education in Egypt and beyond.

In one of those most cheering things I’ve seen yet, it looks as though the “education” branch of Magrudy’s (a popular UAE bookstore) has been stepping out to the front of the Arabic literacy battle.

Arabic workshops for 2010-2011 include: “Setting up a level reader program (Arabic),” with Dr. Safaa Ahmed Azmy, “Drama in Education,” with children’s-book author Margo Malatjalian, and a number of sessions with Taghreed Najjar, including “How to make the most of the school library,” “Fostering creative writing in the elementary classes,” “The story as the pivot for classroom activities in the KG” and more.

These all sound like fabulous continuing education for teachers, and I would like to get as many Egyptian teachers on a plane as possible.

Of course, that doesn’t sound very reasonable, and I’m sure we could run continuing-education seminars like this in Cairo. (Balsam?)

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One Response to The Forefront of Arabic Literacy Education?

  1. Bernadette says:

    Aha! Great idea – get the local bookstores and authors involved! Love it.

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