Notes from Sharjah: Comments on Etisalat Prize, New Partnership with Orion

The children’s side of the Sharjah International Book Fair has been abuzz with energy. Yesterday, after winning the 1 million AED Etisalat prize, Dar El Shorouk was presented with a giant symbolic check. In an afternoon panel about the book, the panel of four judges fairly gushed over Walid Taher’s prize-winning book, with two of the judges already calling it a “classic.”

At the Kalimat booth yesterday, there was excitement over the release of Fatima Sharafeddine’s YA novel فاتن, which is already getting strong reviews. Sharafeddine’s first CD (جوز وتين وتوت أحمر) , with music composed by Hani Siblini, is also available at the fair.

And later today comes the news is that Kalimat will be partnering with U.K.’s prestigious Orion to publish one of its books (I don’t yet know which one) in English.

I seem to have lost my camera cord, but I hope to at some point show you lots of photos of the wonderful books that can been seen at the fair.

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