Booth of the Day at Sharjah Book Fair: Bright Fingers

Gulnar Hajo of the Bright Fingers Publishing House was my find of the day.

Bright Fingers is a six-year-old publishing house located in Damascus, Syria, and you can find a few of their products at, although none of my favorites. (If you’re in Syria, apparently they have stands in supermarkets! Note to Metro and Ragab Sons: I like this idea.)

Hajo has herself done the lovely illustrations of several books, and has published others, including a wonderful multimedia explosion with buttons. But what I was most excited by were the Arabic-language educational toys. I had been dreaming—yes, these are my modest dreams—about simple Arabic-language puzzle games like the ones you find abundantly in English.

Bright fingers had two varieties: three- and four-letter words. I also got a beautiful punch-out stencil book, where next to a picture of an أرنب is the large letter أ, which you can punch out and use for various tactile projects. You can paint with it, color with it, sprinkle sand through it, and much more. I can’t wait to get it home to the boys!

I will post photographs as soon as I can, but these are both wonderful, hands-on activities for younger language-learners. Thank you, Bright Fingers!

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3 Responses to Booth of the Day at Sharjah Book Fair: Bright Fingers

  1. Inas says:

    We have all their last year stuff in our bookstore (Al Balsam)

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