Tonight’s Event at Sharjah International Book Fair: Naif Al Mutawa and Qais Sidki!

Tonight, I’m exceptionally excited to be going to the “Coming Book Panel Discussion” at the Sharjah International Book Fair, which will feature—among others—Dr. Naif Al Mutawa (creator of The 99, الـ ٩٩) and award-winning author Qais Sidki (author of The Gold Ring, سوار الذهب).

ISA I will write something up about the talk tomorrow morning, but until then (if you like) you can look at a few “tweets” from the talk.

Both Qais Sedki and Dr. Naif Al Mutawa were tremendous speakers.

One brief quote from Qais Sedki:

[When children say they don’t want to read books,] It’s typically because they’re “boring.” We all love books and we know that’s not the case. Kids say: “They take too long.” I think manga, specifically, can probably conquer that. I’ve described it time and time again as the closest thing to a movie in a book.

One from Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa:

You build a newer story on an older architecture. These values are for everybody. It’s human values. What I want to do … create [stories with] those values that we share with the rest of humanity.

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