A Few Photos from the Sharjah International Book Festival (Kid Stuff!)

The Kalimat booth before opening morning: Among the bestsellers are Fatima Sharafeddine's new YA novel, فاتن, her new CD, جوز و تين و توت أحمر , and أحمد الحلو .

Kalimat also had this cool new ipad version of الدجاج باق بيق: the book, read-alongs, games, and...watch the chicken lay an egg!

From the UAE-based Buzoor (also before opening): I loved these tissue-box animals! Also, it's where I finally picked up my copy of بيت للأرنب الصغير.

At Asala, of course, they were featuring their أفتش عن هواية. I picked up some other books; I will track them all down and list...maybe later today?

Dar al Hadayek, of course, proud of their award-winners. I picked up a number of books here, as well as some cool posters.

Bright Fingers! I loved these guys. We're already enjoying the literacy puzzles and stencil books.

All the Etisalat winners! Congratulations again to all!

The book bus...beautiful, although I didn't manage to get a peek inside. Parked just outside the Expo Center.

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4 Responses to A Few Photos from the Sharjah International Book Festival (Kid Stuff!)

  1. Bernadette says:

    Books galore!! Awesome! Looking forward to hearing about all the great books you purchased.
    Now…what’s this iPad version of Kalimat’s…is it an e-version of that one book or do they have other books that work on there…or is it their own version of an iPad?

  2. Bodour says:

    The Kalimat Ipad app was launched at the book fair and will be available in the apple store soon. It is compatible with iphones, ipods and ipads!

    • mlynxqualey says:

      Also, Bodour correct me, but there was at least one another Kalimat ipad book in progress? But I think Dareen said it would just be a straightforward book-book, without any additional “stuff.”

      I’m interested to see how it fares…

      • Bernadette says:

        Sounds great, like Living Books in English… but only for i-thing owners, which we will never be…anything in the works for e-versions for the PC?!

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