15-Second Review: لو كنت طائرا

Rarely does a book engender as many difficult questions as لو كنت طائرا, written by Fatima Sharafeddine and illustrated by Amal Karzai.

Each page generated new questions from my seven-year-old and a more heavy-hearted look. (The two-year-old lost interest in the text and seemed to find the images too difficult.) Although this is not a book one could read every day,  لو  كنت  طائرا does help open up a discussion about the separation wall—and all separation walls—from a child’s-eye view. Also, profits from the sale of the book are being used to help build libraries in Palestine.

The illustrations do seem to shy away from the reader a little, going milky and impressionistic when they need to face the child head-on. The illustrations in في مدينتي حرب, also written by Sharafeddine, approach the reader much more effectively. (I also feel a greater sense of overcoming in في مدينتي حرب, and thus could read it more often.)

لو كنت طائرا is available from Kalimat Books. Read more about it here.

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