Join the Buzoor Community: أحب العربي

أهلا و سهلا!

The Buzoor online community is live! Founder Zeyna al-Jabri describes it thus:

Buzoor’s on line social networking site is the platform where anyone who cares about raising children who love Arabic can share their ideas, post information on events and share their experiences and learn from others within different groups.

Moreover, the Arabic side adds:

يمكنكم دعوة أصدقائكم و زملائكم للمشاركة كما تستطيعون انشاء مدونات و مجموعات جديدة.

The site is newly launched, and perhaps still has a bug or two, but it already has some lovely aspects, including this video of children singing the song from بيت للأرنب الصغير. Don’t you think it would make a great class play?!

There are also blog posts (you can put up your own), events listings (I posted one, but I think it has to be moderated?), and more.

Join now and recommend a book via the blog, look at photos, or join a group—for instance of Arabic teachers  معلمي اللغة العربية or professional librarians أمناء المكتبات.

Note: If you accidentally go “home” to this page and can’t seem to escape, you want to get back to

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