Doha Dispatch: Three New Arabic YA Titles Out This Fall!

The young adult genre—which has traditionally been neglected by Arabic authors and publishers—is very much needed. Primarily, it’s needed to engage adolescent Arabic readers (13-18), but also by “crossover” adults who want to launch themselves into reading in simplified Arabic.

Note to publishers: This is potentially a large market segment.

But “young” adults of all ages can rejoice today, with three Arabic YA titles newly released or on the way: two written in Arabic (Fatima Sharafeddine’s lovely فاتن, released by Kalimat in October, and Samah Idris’s فلافل النازحين, to be released next week at the Beirut Book Fair by Dar al-Adab) and one in translation (الضفدع الناري, newly published by Al-Balsam books).

I had a wonderful talk with Fatima Sharafeddine yesterday about her YA novel, فاتن, which was launched at the end of October at the Sharjah International Book Fair. She told me:

Up to now, we don’t think of this age group as a special literary age group that has special needs.

Perhaps you could still count contemporary Arabic YA books—those written in Arabic—on one hand. Let’s see: three now by Samah Idris and one by Fatima. Yep, those all still fit on a hand.

But pretty soon, it’ll be two hands! And then…well, insha’allah I’ll run out of digits before we know it.

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5 Responses to Doha Dispatch: Three New Arabic YA Titles Out This Fall!

  1. Bernadette says:

    YA is a relatively new genre in American literature as well – and one of my favorites! Maybe by the time we have more YA in Arabic, I’ll be able to read it. 😉 Better get studying….

  2. Zeyna says:

    Thank you Marcia for the wonderful blog you are posting and all the useful coverage of events.
    in the YA category, Samah Idriss already has two wonderful YA novels: Al Malja’ الملجأ and Al Nassab النصاب. Al Malja’s is written in a style that I haven’t come across before. A must read.

    • mlynxqualey says:

      Yes, sorry I didn’t mention them by name: I got the last two copies at Dar al-Adab’s stall and look forward to reading them! Thanks Zeyna…hope you’re well.

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