Doha Book Fair Finds: Educational Materials from Asala

The flip and (mis)match the character element of this book is irresistible.

The text is not always as fun and silly (and simple) as it could be. (It's translated from a German text, so that probably explains it)...

...but the concept is wonderful. The boys love it. Maybe Walid would like to do something similar with حروفي الجميلة, hint hint?

I didn't really look into whether "Geopoly" would be fun, but it was good to see an Arabic- and Arab-themed board game.

I did pull this down and examine it---and it seemed promising (little combination stacking blocks/tiny board books that you can place on a board to stack and spell). Although ultimately I didn't buy it, so I'm not sure how it would work with the little ones.

I was intrigued---I pulled them off the shelf in Sharjah as well, I suppose because they look like the English-language "Bob" books---but ultimately I think ادم و الأصدقاء makes a better reading tool. (This was less story-oriented, and more about a collection of words.) Still, maybe this might be a good supplement, especially when they're first learning their letters.

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2 Responses to Doha Book Fair Finds: Educational Materials from Asala

  1. shereen kreidieh says:

    dear editor
    thank you for choosing asala and talking about our reading material. I would have wished that you would have looked at our whole list of material since you have mentioned that aswat alhorof is not as good of a tool as ADAM series?? please note that as you have mentioned this is to elaborate on the idea of Aswat alhorouf and we have other series like akra bil3arabiya (50 books) and kilma kilma (award winner) which are reading Arabic series…
    thank you again

    • mlynxqualey says:


      Thanks for your comments and additions—next book fair, I will have to get taken on a proper tour of the Asala booth and its catalog. I did pick up some books of Daniel George’s that I’m very excited about, and which I haven’t (yet) had time to mention.

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