Favorite Children’s Books of 2010: Category, Best Digital Extension

There are a few Arabic publishing houses that are moving toward digital “extensions” of their books: in an e-book or iBook format (notably Kalimat), audio recordings along with the text (Kalimat and Al-Salwa), and computer games and craft suggestions to go along with the texts.

Al-Salwa also has a channel on YouTube.

Probably thanks to founder Taghreed Najjar’s partner and daughter, Salwa Shakhshir, Al-Salwa has been at the forefront of creative extensions of their books. Our favorite of 2010….drumroll…is the extension of:

بيت للأرنب الصغير-one of only two books both longlisted for the million-dirham Etisalat prize and on the Anna Lindh Honor List—is a charming experience in and of itself. But the accompanying CD, while never replacing the book version, adds much more.

My boys’ favorite element is the Arnoub song, which the two-year-old loves to act out. The older one also likes the ability to create his own Arnoub story through an art program on the CD. And there are craft ideas, printouts, games, and more.

If you can get hold of this book and CD, do.

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