Coming Soon: More and a Greater Variety of Arabic Comics!

Educators worldwide are coming around to the idea that comic books are a wonderful gateway to reading. Some even believe—as I do—that the best graphic novels are a literary end in themselves.

After all, what has done more for Egyptian literacy? The Ministry of Education textbooks, or ميكي?

So in today’s Khaleej Times, Raziqueh Hussain explores the world of contemporary Arabic comics, both for children and for adults.

She takes us through the well-known—Dr. Naif al-Mutawa’s 99, Qais Sedki’s The Gold Ring, Egypt’s AK Comics, and the innovative and grown-up Samandal, which finally has a new issue coming out at the end of this month.

She also takes us places I hadn’t been, such as The website bills itself as:

رسوم هو موقع عربي لنشر الرسوم الكرتونية والقصص المصورة من قبل مجموعة موهوبة من الفنانين العرب المبدعين لإثراء المحتوى العربي على شبكة الانترنت وإيجاد مساحة لنشر أفكارهم وقصصهم النابعة من وحي ثقافتهم وواقع مجتمعاتهم. إذا كنت صاحب موهبة في الرسم أو صاحب فكرة أو رسالة فنية، فإن رسوم يرحب بكم وبأعمالكم…

Jordanian cartoonist Ghadier Bana told Hussain that the world of Arabic comics is on the uptick, but could use more support:

I believe there should be more encouragement for Arab comic artists. We have a lot of talent and they can be implemented in reflecting more expressive Arabic scenes, thoughts and environment. I feel publishing houses and media could participate a lot in this, and help to spread them in the whole of the Arabic region.

Meanwhile, it’s March 2011 when Abu Dhabi will host the region’s first ComicCon. More details about that soon.

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One Response to Coming Soon: More and a Greater Variety of Arabic Comics!

  1. Raziqueh says:

    Hi, I came across your blog and I’m humbled that you’ve chosen my story to talk about. I’m the one who’s written this story. Just a correction. I’m a she!!! Pronounced as Raa-zi-qay. Thanks.

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