Favorites of 2010: Books to Help Emerging Readers

There are a number of publishers who have out leveled readers or other books geared to help emerging Arabic-language readers. Lebanon’s Asala, for instance, has out a series. My seven-year-old and also I enjoy the leveled readers from Dar el Shorouk, although he prefers the “Clifford” books for easy reading.

But for the youngest emerging reader—the one who knows her letters and wants the feeling of mastery that comes along with reading a whole book—our far-and-away favorite, published in 2010, is:

ادم و الأصدقاء

What’s so great about ادم و الأصدقاء, you want to know?

Each little book has a story to it, as well as wonderful, detailed drawings. They follow a boy who could be anywhere from 4-8 years old, so it’s not an insult to the slightly older emerging reader, who doesn’t want to read a “baby book.”

There isn’t any advice on how you might use the flash cards, which reinforce words from the books. But I would suggest turning them into games: finding like objects, sorting them, making funny pairings, using them to construct your own stories.

More from the author, Shaima Albishtawi, tomorrow…

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