Yes, Saeed, Let’s Add Children’s Books to Knowledge Taxis!

This is the first “international” coverage I’ve seen of the Alef bookstore chain’s knowledge-taxi project, and it includes an excellent suggestion from participating driver Saeed Mansour:

Saeed Mansour, one of the taxi drivers, enthused about the interest this move has generated and said that it has received a positive response from the public. “Most of my clients have welcomed the idea, though some have made sarcastic comments. Women are mostly enthusiastic than men about having books to read inside taxis,” he said.

“I think, children’s books should also be added to the collection so that mothers can read to their children too.” Mansour thinks that the project has another merit for the cabbie community. “It proves that taxi drivers are not as talkative or cheaters as portrayed in films.”

I, for one, would love to donate some books!

If you’re not yet familiar with the “knowledge taxi” project here in Cairo:

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