Favorite Arabic Children’s Book Events of 2010: Reading and Origami

While I have seen author Walid Taher read his award-winning النقطة السوداء to older children, I had not seen it presented to the mostly younger children who were in attendance last night at the Korba Shorouk.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the book—which was engaging for older children and adults—also had great appeal for the younger ones, who had some fun ideas about what the black dot really was and how to get rid of it.

No one said التلوث! But I insist that it is التلوث!

Anyhow, as a wonderful extension to the reading, origamist OzOz (Osama Helmy) walked the children—and many of their parents—through making their own black dot, as well as a basketball hoop.

As he told me before the event, origami is an excellent skill for children, as it teaches them about the critical importance of small details: the crease, the fold, lining up the sheet of paper. It also makes an excellent keepsake: We still have the cat that my seven-year-old made at an earlier OzOz-Taher event at Al-Balsam.

Also note: The 20% off sale on all Walid Taher books continues through today. Need a Christmas gift? Hie thee to Sher3 Baghdad!

OzOz demonstrates how to make your own نقطة سوداء .

Walid leans in to answer the question of whether the infamous black dot really came from a drop of ink from the author's pen. (Nope.)

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