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Encouraging Children to Give the Gift of Books…to Their Schools

Parents/grandparents are asked to contribute a favorite book to the school collection to celebrate a child’s birthday. A memorial seal is attached inside the book and the children love seeing THEIR book on the shelves. Continue reading

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Kalimat Shares لا أخاف Online…Free!

I have written before about the International Digital Children’s Library, which allows children around the world to read books—in languages from Kinyarwanda to Polish to Arabic to Slovenian—for free! Continue reading

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Review: سلسلة السمكة الذهبية from دار السلوى and the Daily جدول قراءتي

Most of the leveled “easy readers” that I’ve come across, in Arabic, have been translations of reading series from English or French. This often means that—even with “level one” books—the vocabulary used in the books isn’t so “easy” at all. Continue reading

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A Little (No, Big!) Literary Triumph

Last year Magrudy’s bookstores announced that the popularity of Arabic books was rising, and claimed that Arabic titles now accounted for “nearly 20 per cent” of its sales in the UAE. The flipside to that statement is, of course, that the vast majority of sales are of foreign-language titles. Reading in Arabic is not, it is fair to say, the region’s favourite pastime. Continue reading

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A New Online Resource: ArabChildrensLiterature.Com

The Anna Lindh Foundation’s Arabic Children’s Literature Regional Program (مؤسسة آنا ليند – البرنامج الإقليمي لأدب الأطفال العربي)—or, as they sometimes call themselves, ALF ACLRP—has soft-launched an excellent new online resource for parents, educators, publishers, authors, illustrators, and anyone else interested in Arabic children’s literature. Continue reading

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ورشة عمل الشبكات الاجتماعية ودورها فى تطوير ادب الطفل

For those who are interested, a post from Heba Ismail at the Anna Lindh Foundation. Yes, certainly, there are a dearth of Arabic blogs that deal with Arabic children’s literature—perhaps Anna Lindh could include one on their new website! And it would be good to see more Arabic children’s-lit blogging at the Buzoor community site. Continue reading

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And the Winners of ‘Reading Here, There & Everywhere’ Are… | إعلان الفائزون بمسابقة مؤسسة آنا ليند “اقرأ في كل مكان” الإقليمية

ألف مبروك يا وليد، إبتسام، حسني، عفاف، هنادي، نجلاء ياسمين، فاطمة، و سينان!

I think the only one I’ve read is أحلام الحيوانات. Can’t wait to see the rest! Continue reading

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Tunisian Children’s Book Author Samar Mezghanni

Although there are other things going on in the world, it’s hard (for me) to think of anything outside of Tunisia today. So I thought I’d say a few words about Tunisian children’s book author Samar Mezghanni, who—only in her early twenties—has published more than a dozen books. Continue reading

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A Story-writing Tool We Could Develop in Arabic?

Then—over at the website “Everybody Writes”—I came across what seems like an excellent idea for helping children create their own story lines. Continue reading

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Tomorrow: Kids and Books and Animals in Sharjah Desert Park

Sounds fun! No, sounds like a lot of fun!

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