And the Winners of ‘Reading Here, There & Everywhere’ Are… | إعلان الفائزون بمسابقة مؤسسة آنا ليند “اقرأ في كل مكان” الإقليمية

ألف مبروك يا وليد، إبتسام، حسني، عفاف، هنادي، نجلاء  ياسمين، فاطمة، و سينان!

A tiny photo of the sneak-preview of أحلام الحيوانات taken from Al-Balsam's Facebook page.... Inas reading.

And also the honorable mentions: رانيا حسين أمين، دانيال جورج، و اليك ارزومانيان

I think the only one I’ve seen is أحلام الحيوانات, in an Al-Balsam Bookstore sneak peek. Can’t wait to read the rest! All, I believe, have yet to be published.

Note that each of the winning authors and illustrators should receive 1,000 Euros each, while publishers also get 2,000 Euros. And, perhaps the most exciting part (for me), is that the prize includes a regional promotion campaign for the winning books.

Update: The image with the honorable mentions:

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