A New Online Resource: ArabChildrensLiterature.Com

The Anna Lindh Foundation‘s Arabic Children’s Literature Regional Program (مؤسسة آنا ليند – البرنامج الإقليمي لأدب الأطفال العربي)—or, as they sometimes call themselves, ALF ACLRP—has soft-launched an excellent new online resource for parents, educators, publishers, authors, illustrators, and anyone else interested in Arabic children’s literature.

The site is available in العربية or English, and the best part, so far, is their growing database of recommended children’s books.

You can view a book—for instance العمة زيون و شجرة الزيتون written by فاطمة شرف الدين and illustrated by سنان حلاق—read a synopsis, see the publisher, and see how other viewers have “rated” the book. You can also post a comment or review at the bottom of the page, read more about the author or illustrator, and see more books by the same publisher.

You can also read the latest ALF ALCRP news, see calls for entries (for publishers, authors, and illustrators), and activities in the region.

The site is still under construction, but already has a lot of promise. ISA it will grow in the months and years to come.

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3 Responses to A New Online Resource: ArabChildrensLiterature.Com

  1. Inas says:

    I’m happy for that
    I made my first comment of course on Amma Zyoun
    Thank Marcia for telling us about it 🙂

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