Kalimat Shares لا أخاف Online…Free!

I have written before about the International Digital Children’s Library, which allows children around the world to read books—in languages from Kinyarwanda to Polish to Arabic to Slovenian—for free!

Although there are a number of nice books on there, and my sons have particularly enjoyed the بكار titles, it’s unusual to find a for-profit publisher posting books from their current catalog.

However, UAE-based Kalimat books has done just that. You can now find their lovely لا أخاف online. Free. Of course, there are many reasons to buy the paper version (it’s easier to bring along on a journey, it’s easier to read in bed, etc.) but it’s also wonderful to have it widely available to any Arabic reader with access to the Internet.

I have found this book, written by the tireless Fatima Sharafeddine, particularly good at helping my two-and-a-half-year-old deal with his fears.

There are now 29 Arabic children’s books on International Digital Children’s Library. Check them out today!

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