Encouraging Children to Give the Gift of Books…to Their Schools

I saw, on the website “Literacy News,” a question from a teacher about how to get parents more involved in their child’s reading development.

Apparently, one of the best things parents can do for their children’s literacy development is (surprise!) to read books. That is, we grownups need to set a good example. However, some parents might not like that as a suggestion coming from teachers.

So the website had this suggestion:

Parents/grandparents are asked to contribute a favorite book to the school collection to celebrate a child’s birthday. A memorial seal is attached inside the book and the children love seeing THEIR book on the shelves.

This morning, we signed and donated a copy of the charming ليس بعد to my older son’s school. It’s part of the سلسلة الحلزونة series from Al-Salwa books.

I think I might have found the book funnier than my seven-year-old did, but he certainly related: Jood is supposed to be at her desk doing her homework, but finds she needs to sharpen her colored pencils, look out the window, read a book to her younger brother, have a drink, visit the bathroom…oops, and then her pencil falls under the bed…and numerous other things keep her from the task at hand.

The seven-year-old wanted it to end differently, with her running out to play with her friends, but decided that she would get to as soon as she was finished with her homework.

He read it for the جدول قراءتي: The vocabulary was simple, good repetition, easy to follow. Success!

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5 Responses to Encouraging Children to Give the Gift of Books…to Their Schools

  1. @rupertbu says:

    You tell your seven year old that such behaviour will plague his life, well it has mine.

    Now where is that butterfly off to? 😉

  2. This is such a great idea – much better than cupcakes! I have a 9-year-old that must be Jood’s older sister ;-0

  3. Firyal says:

    excellent idea!!

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