Good Ideas in Children’s Lit (That We Could Borrow)

Shorouk, you could be the first!

Newspaper “funnies” have long been a staple in children’s reading in the U.S. Although many comics are inappropriate for children, the short graphic strips are undeniably popular among the emerging-reader set.

But now McSweeney’s has created something new for several U.S. papers: a newspaper half page, just for kids, called “The Goods.” The mini-section will have fresh games, drawings, and quizzes every week. According to the L.A. Times “Jacket Copy” blog, contributors include top U.S. children’s writers like Mo Willems and Jon Scieszka.

The writing promises to be fun, fresh and targeted at children.

Shorouk, for instance, could already press Walid Taher into service for such a venture—I’m sure he has some free time around 2 a.m.—and call on other prominent Egyptian children’s-book writers, as well as emerging authors and illustrators, to create a special newspaper section for kids.

If newspapers wanted free content, children could also contribute to the section.

After all, in the new era in Egypt and beyond, we will need children who are active, engaged readers and writers! Yalla!

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