New Application for iPad, iPhone Helps Children Learn Arabic Letters: حروفي المرحة

There’s now a new way for tech-savvy children to learn—and engage with—their Arabic letters.

The newly released حروفي المرحة application for iPads and iPhones uses 28 human and animal characters to help introduce letters in a fun and interactive way. The app features games, encouraging voices, and coloring projects to help children engage with their letters and simple words.

It certainly makes me wish I had an iPad!

For those who are, like me, still on the low end of the technology learning curve, this video helps show what the application’s about:

From the product’s creators, who also did the wonderful آدم و أصدقاء series:

تطبيق حروفي المرحة في متجر ابل

أطلقت مجموعة الهدهد في باكورة اعمالها الرقمية تطبيق “حروفي المرحة ” لتعليم الابجدية بشكل ممتع للأطفال من خلال ربطها بعدد كبير من الشخصيات الكرتونية المميزة والجذابة

وياتي هذا التطبيق في سياق مشروع تربوي متكامل يهدف الى تعزيز مكانة اللغة العربية وطرحها بشكل عصري وجذاب للأطفال

يقدم هذا التطبيق 28 شخصية جذابة للاطفال مع 28 حيوان لطيف في اطار من الشراكة والصداقة بينهما  ويقوم التطبيق على 3 افكار

  • تعليم الحروف من خلال الشخصيات والحيوانات
  • لعبة الحروف
  • التلوين

Find out more (and download the application!) here, here, or here.

Want to try out the application for free? Be one of the first three to comment, and you’ll get a coupon to test it out.

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4 Responses to New Application for iPad, iPhone Helps Children Learn Arabic Letters: حروفي المرحة

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  2. Sarah says:

    Very nice! My kids use the ipad more than i do so thiswould be perfect for them

  3. Ayman says:

    It look’s very helpful for the Kids, when can I get my coupon to test it?

    Thank you, and good job.

  4. bodour Al Qasimi says:

    Having played with the app and shared it with my children….I absolutely love it! The illustrations are really nice!
    I am slightly bothered by the way the letters are pronounced but I’ve heard from the creator that they are already working on changing that. Great job Shaima and looking forward to more fun arabic language apps!

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