Nahdet Masr Holding Sessions to Discuss the Future of Egyptian Education

According to Al Masry Al Youm, Nahdet Misr Publishing House has launched an initiative to discuss a way forward for much-beleaguered Egyptian education system.

While it looks like Ahmed Zewail’s mega science center may be built after all, this will not necessarily help the millions of Egyptian children who want to learn to read, write, tally, and think critically about their worlds.

Nahdet Masr is one of several advocating a completely new plan for Egyptian education. Tarek Hassan, educational publishing manager at Nahdet Misr Publishing House, told Al Masry Al Youm:

“We have been thinking of this move a long time ago. After the revolution, however, we found this is the most suitable time to utilize the reform phase for urging all education experts and young Egyptians to send their constructive ideas to our website for developing a new vision for educational development.”

The ideas for the action plan, Hassan said, would then be presented to the Education Ministry.

Insha’allah a wide range of forward-thinking educational experts will come forward to take part in this process, and it will have the funding and backing necessary to make change happen.

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