A Peek at the Abu Dhabi Book Fair’s ‘Creativity Corner’ for Kids

The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (ADIBF), set to run this year from the 15-20 of March, will feature a number of activities for children ages 2-13 in its “Creativity Corner.

There will be three areas where children can congregate: the stage (for storytelling events), the workshop (for children to draw and write their own stories) and the toddler area (exclusively for preschoolers). ADIBF story activities will take place in both Arabic and in English.

Sample events include learning how to design a book cover, origami workshops, story workshops, a reading event with the Al Jazira football team, and readings by celebrated authors like Taghreed Najjar and Mahmoud Shuqair.

A don’t-miss for publishers and authors will be a talk YA literature on Thursday, March 17 at 11 a.m., called “Growing Pains: Arabic Comics for Teenagers.” It will feature award-winning YA novelist Fatima Sharafeddine and Egyptian graphic novelist Magdy al-Shafee.

For more, check out the full schedule online.

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