First Comic-book Store Opens in Cairo

On February 19, a little more than a week after Hosni Mubarak stepped down as Egypt’s ruler, a new book and toy store opened in Heliopolis.

The store—called Kryptonite, after the fictional material that weakens Superman—sells graphic novels, comics, action figures, and other memorabilia. Its opening was hosted by The opening was hosted by Mohamed El Shenawy and Makhlouf, who recently celebrated the release of the first issue of their Tok Tok.

Store co-owner Ahmed Abaza told Daily News Egypt:

Opening this collectibles comic store was only the first step. Our second goal is to open an animation studio aiming to develop locally produced animated TV series and comic books. I believe this studio will help expose youth more to this kind of art especially if they want to take it seriously and work in this field.

We will also be having workshops and many different events at the store where comic artists — both local and foreign — will be holding book signings and discussions of their work.

Abaza and his partner Kareem Awny were hopeful that comics and graphic novels could help change Egyptian reading habits.

The store, located at 2 El-Sobky Street, is behind the Heliopolis Sporting Club and in front of Alpha Market. Working hours and other details are available on the store’s Facebook page.

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