Books and Events to Celebrate Mother’s Day

ماما دوما بجانبي Mama is Always Beside Me written by عبير بلان, published by Kalimat

كم تحبينني؟ – How Much Do You Love Me? , written by فاطمة شرف الدين, published by Kalimat

ماذا في بطن ماما؟ – What’s in Mommy’s Belly?*,  Rania Zbib Dhaher, published by Kalimat: What’s mommy growing inside her belly? Why’s she so tired? A great book for curious preschoolers with pregnant mothers.

وظيفة ماما What Mommy Does,  written by عبير بلان and published by Kalimat.

مهما كان No Matter What* , by ديبي جليورير, published by Bloomsbury-Qatar: A sweet story about how Mama will love you no matter what.

هل للكانغار أيضا أمDoes a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too?*, by Eric Carle, published by Al-Balsam Books: Charming pictures and incantatory text by the wonderful Eric Carle.


If you’re in Abu Dhabi, Kalimat will celebrate Mother’s Day at the Abu Dhabi Book Fair

If you’re in Cairo, celebrate at Al-Balsam Books at 1 p.m.

*This means we own the book and I can personally recommend it.

**Please add your recommendations!

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4 Responses to Books and Events to Celebrate Mother’s Day

  1. شيماء says:

    مرحبا ، انها تشكيلة لطيفة للام بالفعل
    وهناك قصة ” أحب أمي ” واحدة من قصص سلسلة آدم والأصدقاء

  2. Inas says:

    “مهما كان”
    من اجمل ما قرأت حديثاً

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