Al Salwa to Launch Their First Story App at Abu Dhabi Book Fair

Next week, Al Salwa Publishing House will join a few Arabic children’s-book publishers in launching their first story application.

In partnership with Media Plus Jordan, has published its first iPhone and iPad application, “أي شيء,” based on their 2010 role-playing picture book of the same title.

أي شيء is intended to be the first of a series of seven Arabic picture book apps adapted from the delightful lift-the-flap “Goldfish Series” published by Dar Al Salwa. (A review of the series.) All seven were authored by renowned writer Taghreed Najjar and illustrated by Syrian artist Nadine Kaadan.

Visitors to the Abu Dhabi Book Fair can attend daily readings by Taghreed Najjar at the fair’s creativity centre. They can also try out the new story application.

In a blog on the Al Salwa website, Salwa Shakhshir said, “We believe that encouraging children to read requires us to publish our books in the highest possible quality, and in all possible media available.”

The ” أي شيء” book App is now available for download from iTunes to iPhone, iPod and iPad on “Android Market.

More on story applications available in Arabic.

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4 Responses to Al Salwa to Launch Their First Story App at Abu Dhabi Book Fair

  1. What’s wrong with making “apps” for PCs and laptops?! Although very cool, limiting these applications to iThings leaves a significant portion of Arabic-speaking children “out in the cold”. Millions of children will never have access to an iPad, but they DO use PCs at school, at home, and at public computer centers.

    • mlynxqualey says:

      I’m not sure there’s any way to make money for PC/laptop applications. Whereas to create something for the Apple store, as a download, is pretty straightforward.

      Al-Salwa also has made a great CD-Rom and they also have a cool nursery-rhymes website, with some sample material available free. So I think they are trying many different media.

      • But does it have to be an application? Couldn’t they create stand alone interactive eBooks and sell those? Something that doesn’t need to be constantly connected to the Internet, too, would be useful…

        Just thinking of all my young Bedouin friends who spend hours at our neighbourhood computer centres (many of which aren’t connected to the net). They are fascinated by anything on the screen so if we could make that a bit more educational just think of what they’d learn!

  2. mlynxqualey says:

    Al-Salwa has a CD that doesn’t require any internet connectivity, that’s quite well-done. But of course it would take some NGO or government sponsorship to buy copies for libraries or computer centers.

    I personally would like to see something like Starfall.Com in Arabic…. I wonder how much it would cost to produce?

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