Upcoming Children’s-Lit Events: ‘Farhana’ in Tahrir, Balsam’s April Calendar

Author Rania Hussein Amin, creator of the popular and award-winning فرحانة series, will be giving workshops for children on Saturday, April 2 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Tahrir Book Fair.

Amin promises “story-telling, working with clay, and discussions around the revolution and children’s roles to help their community….. see you there inshaaAllah :)”

Al-Balsam Bookstore is also helping children understand their relationship to the nation at an April 23 reading and writing event: السبت 23 ابريل تعرف على بلدك وقدمها للعالم من خلال كتب عن مصر متوفرة بالمكتبة سوف يقدم كل طفل مقال قصير عن بلده.

Insha’allah we will also soon see a Farhana book helping children understand new political realities.

More from Al-Balsam:

More from the Tahrir Book Fair: Find the schedule here.

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