Help Support the Dahab Community Library

Inspired by a love of books and the new era in Egypt, the “Women 4 Dahab” group has started up a new project: the Dahab Community Library.

Dahab is a relatively small Egyptian city (10,000) in the Sinai peninsula, populated by Bedouin Egyptians, other Egyptians who work mostly in the tourist industry, and transplants from around the world.

The library is a not-for-profit project that will open up in a small space rent-free, according to one of the organizers, author Bernadette Simpson.

“Our goal is to open with 2,000 books. We’re looking for books from all genres, all languages, all ages. Membership will be open to all local residents (not tourists). We’ll offer 3-, 6-, or 12-month individual and family memberships. Fees and funds raised will be used to purchase supplies (shelves, signs, labels, etc.), more books, and eventually, inshallah, space of our own! The library will be open a few days a week by volunteer librarians.”

Cairenes and others who would like to donate books could contact the group through their Facebook page.

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