‘PalFest’ Literary Festival Opens Up Day for Children

One of the changes to this year’s Palestine Festival of Literature—popularly known as PalFest—is the addition of a one-day children’s festival on April 15, 2011.

According to PalFest producer Omar Robert Hamilton:

We’ve long felt that we needed to do something with children, and so are working in partnership with the Hoping Foundation, the Lajee Centre, the Tamer Institute and el Hakawati theatre to put on a one day kids festival.

The day is going to revolve around having different stations. A storytelling station, a puppeteering station and a painting station. And, yes, Tamer will be using their excellent books….

The culminating activity of the day will be that the kids will all write messages that they’ve been working on through the day, tie them to helium balloons and release them over the Wall. (The Lajee Center is literally in the shadow of the Wall around Bethlehem).

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2 Responses to ‘PalFest’ Literary Festival Opens Up Day for Children

  1. Could you let me know what day this will be held on as I would like to share it with our readers.

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