Readings in Pictures: Samar Taher Abdelaal at كان ياما كان ; BQFP’s World Book Day Event

Samar Taher Abdelal reads here from ليلى ترتب غرفتها.

ليلى ترتب غرفتها is a book about, well, messy rooms.

The book has some fun linguistic moments, like: ليلى دخلت بالعصير / لكنها تعثرت بالالعب / و وقع كل الشراب / على ملابس الأصحاب /

Great crowd for a new bookstore (located in Ittihad Mall).

Meanwhile, for World Book Day, BQFP had young people reading to young people. Looks fun!

They're reading شيء أخر, an enjoyable translation of the very fun "Something Else," about finding friends. My boys love this one.

In other children’s-lit news:

Al Arabiya: Renewed emphasis on educating Arab children about foreign cultures spawns innovative approaches Featuring the “Mimi and the Magic Globe” series.

The National: Books gift may turn new leaf in schools The story quotes Emirati children’s author Maitha al Khayat: “My daughter finds it more interesting and entertaining to read in English. She feels Arabic literature is more boring stuff,” said the author of I Love My Dad’s Long Beard. “I do find a lot of translated books, but I believe that is not enough. We are in great need of books with Arabic themes that focus on our traditions and are cool at the same time.”

Go see Maitha at Kan Ya Ma Kan Kan Ya Ma Kan Bookstore (near the Food Court, 1st Floor, Al Ettihad Mall) on Saturday, April 30 at noon.

In the UAE, the Ras Al Khaimah Book Fair is opening today at the RAK Exhibition Center.

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